ICE Fish the app for innovaphone systems

ICE Fish is an app that has especially been developed to easily administrate innovaphone systems.
With ICE Fish you can:
– call up information listed in the Devices App!
– check security problems and configuration errors!
– create and send reports from everywhere!
The app’s straightforward GUI allows you to work with it instantly!
The functions in a nutshell:
– sign in to your innovaphone telephone system with your myApps account-ID (Version 13r1-sr20 or above is required)
– call up information of the devices listed in the Devices App
– check security problems as well as configuration errors with the help of predefined tests
– create and send reports
– reports can be configured – reports contain configuration files with which you can start a support request with innovaphone
– multiple gateways can be managed in “profiles” which helps to administrate various installations simultaneously